Threaded Rods & Studs

Our Fully Threaded Rods & Studs are made both in mild steel and high tensile materials to DIN 975, DIN 976 - Form A and B.

The Threads :Studs

      •Metric • Fine • BSW • BSF • UNC • UNF

We also have the facility to undertake.

•Trapezoidal • Acme threading •Unconventional threads/ fast moving threads to customer's specification


Self colour
Zinc plated
Hot dip galv
M 6
M 8
M 10
M 12
M 14
M 16
M 18
M 20
M 22
M 24
M 27
M 30
M 33
M 36
M 39
M 42
M 45
M 48
M 52
M 56
M 64
M 80

All the above dimensions are available in inch sizes to British and American Specifications.

The Lengths :

The above mentioned threaded rods are available in 1, 2 & 3 meter lengths.


Our studs are available in customer specified lengths with various thread combinations such as left threads, right threads, wood screw threads and squarethreads. We have the flexibility of supplying studs in various grades and material types to customer requirement.

The Finish Studs

• Self-color • Black Phosphated • zinc plated (white, yellow & black)

• zinc • Hot Dip galvanized • Chrome Plated • Powder coated finishes.

Hot dip galvanized threaded bars/studs can be supplied in STANDARD and ISO thread fits in lengthsupto 2000mm.

Our Thrust:

Larger diameters, Fine threads, and Hot Dip Galvanized coatings (Our proficiency in these coatings guarantees product straightness and free movement on threads) .