The company is headquartered in Jalandhar, India, and is led by a team of dedicated professionals catering to customer needs with a full range of fasteners and fastening solutions. We manufacture and source fasteners of a wide range and provide the engineering and logistics services associated with these products. Beyond this we offer industrial customers complete C-part management.

Our drive for excellence and innovation has led to our steady growth and market


We manufacture and stock a large range of fasteners used in standard fastening applications. These include products like bolts, nuts, washers, threaded rods and studs, U-Bolts L-bolts and other special parts to drawings.

Fasteners are critical to proper wind turbine generator operations. Some of these are used in tower base, tower splices, tower to ring , blades to rotor etc are so critical that their failure could cause the loss of the whole unit. These fasteners are subject to high loads, temperature, vibrations and load reversals.
The manufacturer must be aware of these conditions and the facility must be fully equipped in technical human resource and manufacturing base to be able to deliver these parts.
KARI TECHNOLOGIES has developed expertise in manufacturing these fasteners - for various applications of wind.
All our raw material goes through stringent quality control like ultra sound testing etc We use precision forging /cnc machining / controlled heat treatment and surface treatment for manufacturing.
These parts are qualified and certified to 10204 3.1 certification

We are manufacturing nuts and studs for the oil and gas application and are servicing customers in middle east, Russia and USA.
We have the expertise in large diameter 2H nuts and double ended studs

Kari Technologies is manufacturing products like mill liner bolts, heavy hex nuts, nylon insert nuts, structural washers, studs etc for the mining industry and allied applications.

Kari technologies has the expertise in pre-loaded fasteners for servicing the needs of projects involving bridge and structural construction. Our high strength friction grip fasteners have a high quality standard and have been used in various such critical applications

Fasteners for steel construction is one of Kari technologies core business area. We are stocking these fasteners which range from DIN / ISO bolt nut washer assemblies to high strength friction grip fasteners in standards like DIN 6914/6916/6915 and ISO 14399 part 1,2,3,4 etc.
We manufacture ASTM bolts nut washer assemblies ASTM A563 A325 F436.

Kari Technologies offer Industrial Customers Complet C-Part Management. Our team and ware housing System is trained in managing line supplies using KAN BAN, BIN filling System. We are already managing big project for large Industrial Customers.